Business Plan

Rent Expense Estimation Rent, a year 200320042005``Irkutskiy`` market$1 600,00$1 680,00$1 764,00``Fortuma`` market$1 800,00$1 890,00``Complex`` market$3 200,00Total$1 600,00$3 480,00$6 854,00 MANAGEMENT PLAN As I plan to organize small venture, I decided to use simple structure for management.

The responsibility of manager: develop database, programming, accounting, transport, managing finance, human resource, and operational activities. The responsibility of consultants: serve clients and update database, look after equipment This structure and distribution of functions are optimal for such businesses as I plan to organize.

HUMAN RESOURCES PLAN The manager of the firm should be able to use specific program tools. He or She should have manager/economic education and have some experience in working for a consulting firm. The manager should know financing, programming, basics of human resource management, and accounting. The consultant should have computer skills, know programming and be able to work with the Internet effectively. As I stated in the financing plan I plan to hire one more consultant each year because I plan to open new consulting center each year. As my venture is small and does not have much financing I will not plan to pay for all medical insurance expense of employees, but I will provide transportation from home to work and from work to home. I plan to establish friendly environment that will help to organize work more effectively. The motivation will be based on the salary % and on the opportunity of realization available knowledge. CONCLUSIONS This venture will help people to save their time and money. It will help to find what is necessary more quickly. According to market plan it has good opportunities for development and if the market strategy is right than it might be quite profitable. Next, by using effective management tactics the organization of the work process will be on the highest level. In addition, the use of cash sales will help to held cash balance in good condition. Finally, prepared and qualified personal will be the guaranty of stable development. As a result of this venture clients find products more quickly, and sellers get new clients, consequently, everybody win. So, this venture has a lot of perspectives.

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