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potential clients of my database. 2. The results of my survey may be not valid. It also may change the quantity of potential clients. Market Data Summary Target Clients Target clients are people between 18 and 60 years old, who have revenues from 120,000 to 240,000 rubles per year and go shopping as necessity. They will use my service as they do not want to spend much time on shopping and want to save their time. Target Market Size There are 355,2 thousand people between 18 and 60 years old. Ten percent of them 35,5 thousand have an average annual income between 120,000 to 240,000 rubbles. Thirty percent of them do shopping as necessity. So, my target market size is 10,650 clients a year. If every client makes four purchases a year in average than total annual purchases are 42,600.

MARKET STRATEGY Product The product of the venture will be the information about available goods in the shopping center «Irkutskiy» at first. Then we will broad our service and offer information about the shopping center «Fortuna». Finally, we will create database, where each person will be able to get information about products that are available at the shopping center «Irkutskiy», the shopping center «Fortuna», and the shopping center “Complex”. Price Price policy will be based on the market demand. The small survey, I made, gave information that the best price will be 24 rubles ($ 0,8). Place We plan to develop three ways of delivering information. First, we open the consulting center in the shopping center «Irkutskiy», then in the shopping center «Fortuna», and finally in the shopping center “Complex”. Each center will have one consultant that will sell clients necessary information for cash. Second, after the establishment of the consulting center in the shopping center «Fortuna» we plan to create the wed site, which will offer the same service as consulting centers. After the establishment of the consulting center in the shopping center “Complex” we plan to offer phone consultation about available products at these markets.

Promotion The key promotion tactics will be that clients will lose nothing. I plan to sell necessary information and give a coupon that will offer a client a discount of $0,8 (the price of my service). He or she will give this coupon to salesperson when will make a purchase, as a result a client of a market will lose nothing. In addition, before the beginning of operations I will make contracts with the managers of pavilions and shops. The main point of them is that I will publish information about their product in my database and will take nothing from them, but they will have to compensate clients the $0,8, when they will make purchases in the pavilions with my coupons. So, clients will be motivated to make a purchase in the pointed pavilions and managers will get new clients. I also will give advertisement in newspapers and on printed buckets that will be spread at the doorways of the shopping centers. Finally, I plan to use the Internet advertising; mostly banners that will be located at the Irkutsk on-line shops. I plan to make the exchange of banners to avoid the payment for advertisement.

SELLING TACTICS Cash and Accounts Receivables All sales will be made in cash, as invoices and credit cards are not yet actively used in Russia. So for the first three year I will not plan to use accounts receivables. Only after the third year, when the phone-consulting center will be opened, I plan to sell information on credit by phone bills. Such system assumes that the phone companies will clear these bills, and then their clients pay for the whole phone bill, in which the amount of my bill will be included. So, the management of account receivables will not be complex, and will be secured by the phone companies liabilities. Peak sales As I plan to establish consultant service by using database that helps to find products, my sales will depend on the sales of market. Within Russia, most retail sales occur during the New Year holiday season and during the season of the mens and the womens holidays (February 23 and Mart 8). As a result, the biggest sales will be during the winter season because during that time there are the biggest quantity of clients, but at this time there is also a downturn in cash. I think that some decline will be at other seasons, especially during summer because a lot of people are going on vocation. There is an increase in sales at the end of summer because students prepare for school and colleges and buy a lot of non-food things. So, the best time is the end of December, the end of February, the beginning of Mart, the end of August and the beginning of September. During this time, I will have the biggest cash inflow. OPERATIONS PLAN Each consulting center will be located at the doorways of the shopping centers. The average square of a center will be 16 m2. One center will have the computer (Pentium 3, 550-750 hertz, 128 RAM) with a monitor and a modem, the printer (Canon LBP-800) and a telephone/fax. Each computer will have the database of goods at markets, Windows 2000, Microsoft Office package, the Internet application and Web-design programs. Office equipment will be a computer table, a chair, and the document cupboard. In addition each consulting center will have the pack of paper for printing and some writing implements. A manager will deliver the cartridges for a printer, when they are necessary. The working time of my business will be the same as the working time of the shopping center «Irkutskiy», the shopping center «Fortuna», and the shopping center «Complex». The «Irkutskiy» and the «Complex» working hours are from 10 am to 8 pm, so the consulting centers in these markets will be opened during this time. The consulting center in the shopping center «Fortuna» will work from 9 am to 7 pm. The web site will be available 24 hours a day. The phone center will work from 9 am to 9 pm. The information will be updated by consultants of consulting centers that have liabilities to collect changes in information after the workday and put it in the database. FINANCIAL PLAN Necessary Financing For my operation I will need $2,250 at the beginning of the second year of existence. If the demand for my service will be as projected then I will open the second consulting center in the shopping center «Fortuna», so I will need financing to buy the fixed assets. This loan will be necessary to support my development. Cash Budget 200320042005Operating activitiesNet income$1 331$3 075$3 510Depreciation$694$1 674$2 073Net cahs provided by operating activities$2 025$4 750$5 583Long-term investing activitiesCash used to acquire fixed assets-$1 273-$1 336-1403,31Cash used to acquire intangible assets-$829-$871-$914Net cash provided by investing activities-$2 102-$2 207-$2 317Financing activitiesOwner's investments$2 102$0$0Increase in notes payable$0$2 207$0Net cash provided by financing activities$2

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